Friday, July 15, 2011

Knowledge is power

Do you believe in this adage that "Knowledge is power?" Well I do! I have known people who don't believe that getting an education is more than having material things in life. As what my father had told us that the only thing that people wouldn't rob from you is education. And I so believe in that. My father continued to tell us that him and my mother don't have vast of land and lots of money to leave for us when they are gone but to send us to school is what they can do. I really kept that teaching of my father to my mind and even if I graduated college 26 years ago with a degree in Accounting but I never forgotten what Accounting is all about. 
Now that I am married and live here in the US for almost 7 years things change. I found out that here in the US age doesn't matter and to get a job age also doesn't matter. That is what I like in here. Everybody has a chance to excel with out being prejudice of age and race. Just this past month I was contemplating of taking a course online. Hubby told me why not go to the school as a school ground student than online but I told him it's not my 100% choice I am only looking that option ^_^. So  I looked at the internet searching for schools that would come out first ^_^ from my searched. And  what comes out is site from looking at this University degrees online . There were bunch of schools listed but I was drawn to this school. Of course, as a searcher we have to read what ever it is printed on their site. In other words, every nook and cranny you've got to explore. As I was having fun reading and browsing degrees, newsletter, programs I stumbled to financial aid. I said to myself this is the most important part of going back to school the financial aid. And like me who don't have that much money to spend for online schooling I am determined to know what financial aid means and who is going to be granted by this aid. Then I looked for degrees like Masters of Public Health  because for me it seems like this is one career that is on demand for now. To learned that university is offering scholarship or financial aid makes me think that there is no such thing as you can't get education. It's just how willing we can sacrifice to undergo another sleepless nights for studies. As the saying goes "Genius without education is like silver in the mine" and that comes from Benjamin Franklin. ^_^

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