Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get the best movies

Are you a movie fanatic of any kind? I am!! While hubby is more to news, farming and country music and where else can you get those power pack shows but only on Direct TV of course. Since then I always have a good time with the movies that I so long to watch. The other day my friend called me and told me that she was so scared because their next door neighbor was being rob. And at that time her husband was not around he was on business trip. Good thing that her husband called her that day and she told her about the news. Of course, her husband was also concerned for them since she and their two kids are the one left at the house. Though they don't think that these kind of people would come back and broke in, in the same place but who knows. With our declining economy we don't know what people are capable of doing right? As a friend I am also concerned of her safety and so I told her to tell her husband to checked on home security Scottsboro as soon as he get home. The other day, she told me that her husband was home from business trip and he didn't wait for another hour, he immediately checked and decided that a home security should be installed on their home. To be safe is better than to be sorry at the end. 


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Mio said...

I have tried for weeks to comment on your Skywatch photos, but I am unable to comment.
Beautiful Skywatch photos, love them.
Have a great weekend.

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