Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitchen sink

What you do when you already don't like to see your kitchen? LOL!! Well for me I just close my eyes and don't think that I don't like our kitchen anymore. Then when I am in the kitchen I don't like anyone to be with me in the kitchen or else the pent up emotion that I keep for months will burst out on you ^_^. Well that is what happened  the other day. I was in the kitchen and as I looked at our kitchen sink, my oh my I hate it!! Then hubby came in from outside looking raggedy, geez I just burst out I told him I don't like what I see in our kitchen. Good thing that hubby just didn't say anything I guess he knew that when I am nagging I am okey, well he was wrong. I told him the whole day over and over again that I want to change our kitchen sink to an Undermount Kitchen Sink. Because I find it very clean and neat to looked at. I also understand that  we are tightening our belt for reason that we the whole country is in economic crunch. But what ever my mind reasoned out I also have a reason to counter part with it lol! I told hubby after I thought that I become unreasonable ^_^ a lot of times, that we could find cheap but durable, classy  Undermount Kitchen Sinks . Fortunately, he also thought that our kitchen needs remodeling and he is already into planning this days. ^_^

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