Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jacques Lemans watch

 Did you see the latest jacques lemans watch  they are so gorgeous my eyes popped out when I see it!! I've always have this love for watches I don't know why maybe because my Dad gave me a cool watch when I was in elementary and it was beautiful I couldn't forget how happy I was when my Dad gave it to me. At that time I thought I am the coolest girl in the block hehe.
So growing up I can't go out with out a watch on my wrist. If for example I happen to forgot my watch I have to go back to the house and get it. Anyway, jacques lemans watch makes me wanted to have more watch hehe. Well look at the picture on the left side and you can tell how cool is that. I love how the color white compliment the pinkish brass it's just gorgeous!! Got to have it!


LV said...

I love watches too. I would never be able afford one like this. If you can, go for it.

Ross Taylor said...

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