Monday, November 8, 2010

Photos to art

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Since I was young I love to take pictures. But because my parents can't afford it I didn't pushed myself to get one. I knew at that time that having a camera, buying a film and developing it cost a lot of money my interest in photography put behind in my sub-conscious mind.

It was when I meet my hubby (then my boyfriend) that my interest in photography came back. But it was not for taking pictures of the skies or landscape rather it's for my family. My hubby asked me one time to take a lot of pictures but I told him I don't have one so he told me to buy one and that's when my first canon camera was born. It was not digital ^_^.

When I get here in the US ( six years ago)  hubby gave me my first digital camera. This last Christmas season hubby gave me my first dslr camera. It was then that my passion for photography was reborn. 

Since I had my dslr camera I took a lot of pictures. From the skies, flowers, landscape, food or macro shots I have it all. Last February my laptop crashed and I was devastated my photos were not transferred to any sites like  photos {to} art. So I  Iost some of my precious photos.

But still I am very lucky because I found  photos {to} art   web site. I’ve been looking for a site that would keep all my precious photos and at the same time I can order anytime to make make it as a wall d├ęcor. I really find this very cool!! I wanted this for Christmas as his gift for me and it would be now because they offer a a great deal. For a price 20%-40% less than the competitors it’s a steal!! As I look around  photos {to} art   they offer a lot of things that you can do from your photos to become a good art. You can customize it, you can choose the size which is very important, it’s user friendly unlike other sites that you get lost just by one click, and the most important is that it will last forever!! Why? Because they use photographic paper that would last 100 years or more. Now I am so destined to make my photos {to} art   and hang it on the wall for everybody to see!!

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dutchbaby said...

I'm so sorry that you lost your cherished photos. Photo to art looks like a great solution for you; I use Flickr.

Square Peg Guy said...

I'm sorry you lost your photos. I keep mine on two computers plus a DVD. I do have an account on DeviantArt, but I don't store the raw image on that site.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my SS!

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