Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding preparation

Tuesday is our family together brunch time. Their were almost 20 relatives who came and one of them is my soon to be step-daughter in law. She sat beside me and while she was already settled we started to talked and I asked her about her wedding invitations because last week she sent a message in facebook asking me about the addresses of all our relatives. She said that she already choose how it looks and when it is going to be sent out. And one thing that she also ordered online is  the wedding save the date cards because sometimes people forget the date and then they missed the wedding. And she doesn't want that to happen to her very special day. I asked her if she hires a wedding planner she said no but she has a cousin who helped her and another friend whose work is just to criticize positively so they won't skip or miss something. The wedding will be just two months more to go and she and my step-son is already excited on that day. She is so lucky enough that her cousin and a friend work hard for her and one thing that is very effective in that kind of job is to keep a cardstock so it would be easy to pull out what ever it is that you missed.  I so wish that everything will work out well and hope that everything will be done so right because it is her special day and she deserves to be happy.

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