Friday, February 19, 2010

Car loans

Do you like a new car? Do you have a specific model that when you see in on the road you feel so excited? Well I do ^_^  sometimes I even screamed when I see the car I so love to own lol! Well can't help it though it just feel good to drive a new car but sometimes thinking about how much it cost for me every month and how much insurance it takes to pay, I feel tired already lol!! Well my friend who just married last month who lives in California got a new car and geez I so love it!! The color and the designed inside is awesome more so the additional stuff that she put inside. So she told me the other day that she isn't worried about not keeping the car because there is a car title loans in California and many people knew about it. In fact, it was her MIL who told her about the car title loans California because almost every member of her husbands family knew about it too. I didn't asked for more because I somehow knew what it is and I myself so love that Michigan has that too. For me it does help a lot to people who are in dire need. Living here in US is so hard if you don't have any car, it is a way to transport our self to go from one place to another for work or for errands. So now that my friend knew about car title loan California she is more at ease and more positive in life.

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