Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad credit

With the downfall of our economy how many do you think people who had a bad credit for now. As we all knew people are laid off and it is kind of hard to find a decent job. If we find a job it doesn't suffice to support a family either. That then will lead to a bad credit and here in US it is very bad to have a bad credit it has so many factors that will affect us in the present situation and even the future. So good to know that hubby knew about  two things bad credit loans with collateral and bad credit loans with no collateral because it is necessary for us to know if there is help out there. And sharing  this to our relatives and friends them feel at ease  and  be feeling good. One day a friend of DH visited us that he is in dire need of money since he just laid off from work. With 3 kids and a home mortgage and more bills every  month he can't help but had a bad credit so hubby shared him about bad credit personal loans with collateral we saw his eyes lit up as if his burden just took off. Well in this life just think that in every problem there is always a solution.  

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