Friday, February 19, 2010

Cash loan

I've been a driver 3 years now. I don't drive that often specially in winter time I am just too careful. I love my car I even named it Lucy. For 3 years now I don't have any problem with it though it was already 10 years old. I didn't bought it new but a second hand but the couple that we bought it from took good care of it that even if they had the car for several 3 or 4 years it had only 81,000 miles, how cool is that huh! DH is the one who always drove Lucy and he couldn't stopped appreciating it because he says it just drive so well. The other day we are talking about cash loan for car title and cash loan car title with hubby and some or our relatives. It is kind of cool to know that there is always help out there. Knowing that we can get a cash loan for  our car makes it is easy to fight with this bad economy. I asked DH if it is possible that I will apply for a car title cash loans he just say why not, I had the car title in my name. He continued to say that if I am really serious about it then so be it. I was smiling then knowing that he agreed to my suggestion lol!!

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