Friday, February 19, 2010

Beautiful corals

My brother is into scuba diving and last year we went to this resort known to have a place for scuba diving. True enough after my brother scheduled himself for his scuba diving the instructor told him to prepare. So all of us went with him we rode a huge boat and with us is the boat driver, an assistant and the instructor. We were in the middle of the ocean when the boat stopped I am so scared of water for I don't know how to swim ^_^. But since the instructor and the boat driver knew what they are doing I gave my total trust.  My brother started to do his thing together with the instructor and as soon as they were done my brother told us what he sees under the water. He told us that WYSIWYG coral is very unique and most colorful of all the corals that he has seen. And to buy coral for even to put in our aquarium has to be attractive for it gives more beauty inside. It is so amazing and I am so into aquarium  that to  see coral for sale  online is a thrill for me. I love to put almost all the beautiful fishes inside, though,  I know it is impossible but to decorate beautiful corals is no impossible.

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