Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rednesday : US Flag

This is my first time to join REDnesday and I am already very excited to blog hop and see those beautiful red color in different forms, design and texture.

My contribution for this week is the US American flag. Last April 2009 I became a US citizen yepeyyy!! It took 7 months in waiting for me  to become a US citizen. First, in the month of September 2008 I send my application to the INS (Immigration of Naturalization Services), then in October I received a noticed that my Fingerprinting will be in November. So by November hubby and I went to the place where I had to do the fingerprinting. After the officer took my fingerprint the officer told me to wait for another notice scheduling me when will be my US citizen INTERVIEW. So months past I haven't receive any notice I was a little bit worried they might lost my application. But it was not ^_^  in the month of January I received a noticed that my interview will be in the 6th of April , geezzz it falls on  my birthday ^_^. The day arrived (April 6) and we had a snow storm, thankfully we were in the area before the snow storm came I was on time for my interview. The interview came out good. I studied 100 questions the officer asked me 12 questions and thankfully I answered it all without any mistake. She asked me to write a sentence in English and read it loud to me ohhh that was easy LOl!!! Anyhow, after the interview the officer greet me a Happy Birthday and she walked with me at the door. When I was out from the room I saw my hubby and he knew I passed the interview because I had the biggest smile (from ear to ear).
After the interview, I waited for another noticed scheduling me of my oath taking. It didn't take long for that noticed to arrived I was scheduled April 16 just 10 days after my interview. April 16 was one of the happiest day of my life I can't describe my feeling I feel like crying (tears of joy) But worried I would have a puffy eyes it doesn't look good in the picture hehehe!! We were in this court room,  and there were 72 people from 36 different countries waiting  to be naturalized. The judge was kind enough to pose for picture taking, unfortunately I left my camera inside the car. So I had this picture holding a small US flag but was taken outside  the courthouse. Now, I am happy to be an American citizen. God bless America!!

To see more beautiful photos of REDnesday visit HERE

First commenter is Robin:



Robin Ennis Willson said...

What a beautiful post. I'm glad that you were part of the Rednesday group today at SueLovesCherries so that I could "meet" you. Congratulations on your hard work, and welcome as a new citizen of our country!! God bless you!

~~Carol~~ said...

Congratulations Manang! What a wonderful post, and I'm so happy for you! You certainly had to go through alot, but I'm sure it was worth it. The American flag is my favorite red thing! I hope you have more red things to show next week!
Happy Rednesday!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Welcome to your first REDnesday! Glad you could join in.


Elly said...

Congratulations on being a "real" American now!!!! That's great news. I can understand why you choose the USA-flag for your Rednesday!
Greetings from the Netherlands!

Mary said...

Oh, I love your post! Congratulations on becoming a citizen...and thank you for loving this wonderful country, and waving our red, white and blue...I love this country, too, and so love seeing you holding the flag near to your heart!

God bless!


SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you! Welcome to the family! Glad you're here on Rednesday!

Cecile said...

congrats, Khim :-); tong interviewer lima kabuok ta gud iyang pangutana, nah abinako lisod to, imagine out of 100, lima ra gud pangutana? nervous gud ko basin diliko kapasa :-)!

daylily777 said...

Congratulations on your citizenship. My father's family immigrated from Germany around the turn of the century. That was about 100 years ago, but still I an the second generation of natural born citizens here in America , God Bless America !

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