Monday, November 16, 2009

Manic Monday

Wow!! What a hard question in this Monday morning lol!! Here is what I come up with the three questions.

1. How so I spend the next fourteen days?
~~~ I will spend it with my husband, nieces and nephew, my brother and sister, relatives and friends. It will be festivities through all that time. Then will hear mass everyday. I will communicate more to them and tell them that I may not be as  smart and intelligent as before after my surgery so that they knew what to expect. But I am still who I am who love them no matter what.

2. What do you talk about?
~~~ Hahahaha this make me laugh really. Me, a collection of my ex-bf and the caterer only in one function room WOWOWIE!! LOL! I thank them for coming I know some are not comfortable with it (chuckle). And then....(think think think) yes thanking them for coming over the party and what ever idea that comes in my mind at that time, that would be the topic of my talk hehehe! ^_^

3. What option do I select? Moon or Europe.
~~~ Definitely I will choose Europe for a year with $2000 stipend can't beat that. Europe is consist of different countries I will plan out which country I will live for 12 months with $2,000, I will be happy with that for sure. LOL!!

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Diana_CT said...

I think for question 1, that most of the answers will be about being with family and friends

Frances said...

I picked Europe too. Loved the flower photos that appear at the end of your post. I'm a fan of peonies - so beautiful.
I played too.

Andi said...

I picked Europe too! I don't think I'm adventurous enough to go to the moon. :o)

Vannie said...

same. i'd shop and tour europe and savour the experience :)

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