Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Trend

In this generation, trends are very common to everybody. I believe trends do change every six months. Look at technology; we cannot cope up with how fast the phones change. Some trends like fashion it also change as fast as the season change. 
The other day my brother sends me photos of my nieces and nephews. I missed them a lot and I could tell they all grown up since the last time I saw them and that was two years ago. I notice my nephew and nieces have this huge watches. I never thought they know that the trend of watches now are huge and not the small ones. The three of them are wearing huge watches and it is cool. We were at Texas two weeks ago, I could tell men, and women are wearing beautiful colorful watches. I may not see it close but I could tell it is huge. That I happen to know one day one of the newest watches is Nixon watch. I have not seen it up close but I tried to look at the internet and I found some of it. I am very impress of the design that I myself wants to have one. I think if it is about nixon watches, every design is good. 
Yesterday, I talk to my brother I ask him if he too has a new watch. He told me he likes watches and every time I send a watch for him he keep it and really take care of it. It has been awhile that I have no send something nice to my brother and soon it will be Fathers day. I am thinking of giving him the newest trend in town and it is again a watch. I remember when we were in high school he does not have a watch. I do remember after I graduated grade school my father gave me a watch but I do not remember my parents gave a watch to my brother. However, when he was in college I remember he has a beautiful watch that he wore all the time. Until when he got job, got married, his passion is still collecting watches. This time I would like to surprise him about nixon watch. I know many of his friends do not have this watch yet and I like him to have it first for sure he would go ballistic if I gifted him this watch. I like to surprise people and my brother is the one that I like to surprise all the time.

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