Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Brothers Request

My brother has been in the service for more than 16 years. He finished his electrical degree and after his graduation landed a good job. However, I think working in the electrical world is not his genre he shifted drastically to become a cop. He went to an academy and to our surprised he make good and landed as one of the top ten on his class. I think when you have a passion and you follow what is your passion you soar high. The other day I was talking to him through internet and he asked me for military camouflage clothing because he said camouflage uniforms are his wish come true. He already had some of this uniforms but when he saw the new uniforms and other stuff he always get excited and ask me to look for camouflage clothing here. Hubby is so sweet enough to tell me to buy for him he does not ask us anything but just this clothing. This afternoon when I told him that we are going to buy the clothing and uniforms he wants I could tell he is smiling from left to right. Hubby does not have problem helping my family back home and he even told me that he is happy by doing it. As for me, I am very happy to have a husband like him because he never gets fuzzy over helping my family. Now my brother is for sure telling everyone that he is getting the uniforms he likes. Well it is coming and hope it fits him well.

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