Thursday, February 16, 2012

Organizing Through Clipix

I realize now that organizing can be addicting not in a bad way but in a very good way. It is through clipix  that I am very busy these days. I set today as the day of Clipix-ing and looking at all the websites, I have not visited for months and some even a year.  As I go through organizing, I realize that I have many food websites that I visited before and they had very good recipes shared. I am overwhelmed of the fact that I feel good doing the organizing online. 
Last night I shared clipix  to a cousin and at first, she could not get it. It was understandable I was like her the first time I look at clipix. Gradually I told her what to do this morning she called and told me she slept late because she was happy she could organize her sites now! I think nobody want to live a life in chaos. Every one wants to have an easy life and by doing it we have first organize our life.  Before we bookmarked the websites we like and it take time for us to find the websites we like now it is history. With clipix you can do wonders in a second so try this beautiful site I’d tell you it’s remarkable you  would definitely love it to the core!! Look on the video and you will have an idea how it looks like and here is mine too. Are you not interested yet? I know you do and do not forget to comment what you would like to clip. It would be fun if you could share it to me too! ^_^

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