Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clipix Is The Answer


Spring is soon being here and in our household, it is the time for a general cleaning. Purging the closets, the bookshelves and other stuff is necessary. I cannot wait to do the general cleaning I feel suffocated with too much clutter. 
In our life, it is not only inside our house that needs purging or inside organizing. It also includes our computer. One time I wonder why my laptop was running very slow. I check the hardware and found out my memory is almost consume. I have too many downloads and huge photo on file that I do not even use. The problem is photos are not so easy to delete more so there is software that I download that I do not use for now but I will use it later. Many websites I put in my websites but it is too cluttered I have a hard time looking it up. One time I wonder if there is such thing as organizing clutter in the computer too.
Then I found clipix. Friends of mine send a message to me sharing her clipix. I was stunned because it is very well arrange and organize. I ask her how did she do that and she told me to go to and all the websites that I bookmarked I can put it in one site like clipix. I am doing it right now and at the same time enjoying the websites that so long ago I bookmarked but never check it again.
Right now I am clipixing my food websites that I love. I have several TV shows that I love and now I am putting in one place, very cool! I like my religion stuff to be in one place too so I am doing it too. I am putting all my blogs in one board and it is excessively cool. I realize I should create buttons too so only, the button photos is visible in my clipix board. I love clipix-ing and friends do it now you are going to love it. Organizing is fun and the fruit of our labor is phenomenal because our daily life is going to be easy.
After I finish placing all the TV shows, food websites and religious sites that, I am working right now. I am going to explore the fashion websites and places that we are going to visit this year. The books that I have not read I should put in my board so I would read it. The articles that I love to read may it be in politics, religion, entertainment, and news has to be in my clipix board soon. I am excited to do it all right now I am doing well at it. My friend’s clipix clipboard is very girly she told me I could customize my clipboard. I already know how to do mine and what color I would put. For now, I have to get busy so many things in my mind keep popping and I want to put it right away in my clipix board. See yah friends and do not forget to leave a comment what you are going to use with your clipix and if you are done show it to me. Happy clipixing people!

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