Saturday, September 10, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Is Here

We all know that many people smoke. In my family only my mother and I are the ones who do not have that vice and the rest of my siblings and their spouses do smoke. They all know that cigarette smoking is not good to their body but no matter how my mother advises them to quit smoking, they would not listen. They only tell my mother they cannot stop and it is hard to stop. I do not know what they get from smoking, aside from getting sick, that they have a hard time quitting this vice.  It is also a waste of money and the smoke that they puff out causes an illness to me, my mother and my nieces and nephew. 

However, the other day my cousin told me that she found a website name The Safe Cig that introduced Electronic Cigarettes here in America. I have not heard an Electronic Cigarette before I even do not know it existed! She told me it is what her husband is using now since her friend introduces this cigarette to her.  She suggested that I have to look at the website immediately and I did. Safe Cig is a trusted brand of Electronic Cigarettes. If this is your first time to buy electronic cigarette, they had a starter kit for anyone. It has a lifetime warranty and if you are from the US the shipping is free.  After I read all the necessary information there is no doubt that this is the answer to my problem. I will buy this for my siblings and I do hope that they will not decline my offer.

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