Sunday, August 7, 2011

real estate web design

It's another Sunday morning and we are on to the 2nd week of August. Last week happening are not good to those people who are in business. As we all knew and everybody did see that the market go down. To those people who are investing in stocks or commodities those time are scary. Same as with the real estate we all don't know when will the economy goes back but if we don't see jobs coming back here in the US then economy would never be the same.
Yesterday, hubby and I went to his granddaughter house because the men of the family help to put the siding of her house. Two of hubby's granddaughter are real estate agent and they could tell that it's tough out there. Though from time to time houses do sell but it's from foreclosure house or repossess houses or sometimes short sale. I asked them if they used the idx solution for their website but they said no never heard it. I told them to checked it out immediately because they are geeks that are good in real estate web design. Competition is tough specially that we are dealing globally now and in order for them to be on top from the others they should have brilliant minds making their web site as simple as that ^_^

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