Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Orlando Hotel

Summer is almost over and here in Michigan we are experiencing a very comfortable weather. It would not be so soon Fall will be here but it's not too late to plan for another vacation and this time I am thinking of Orlando, Florida. It's been three years that hubby and I haven't visited Orlando, Florida and basing on my friends news many rides are added this year. I love all the theme parks but we didn't go to Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studious.
This morning I told hubby about my plans and he told me to check online if there is a good package deal for two. I immediately checked online for Orlando hotel and yes I found many hotels and resorts with great package deal but my eyes were fix on Swandolphin Resort. I showed to hubby the result of my searched and he was impressed of how beautiful the resort is. What's most important is also the location of the resort. I found out that it's very close to all the parks that we are planning to visit. Then there are Disney Hotels Orlando and Orlando Hotels Near Disney that you could try to visit to find for more good deal. Now I can't wait for hubby to give me a go signal because I am ready to go!!

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bobbybegood1 said...

Wow, sounds like you have a great hubby. Never been to FL, but I, too love parks. When you go have a fabulous time and, this goes w/o saying - TAKE MANY A FANSTASTIC PICS.

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