Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hawaii houses

I find Hawaii houses one of the most gorgeous houses in the world because they are close to the ocean and just few miles you can see mountains and the lushness of greenery around is amazingly beautiful. For me if I am going to retire and hubby this is the place I would love to live. I am so done with Winter snow I love watching sunrise and sunset. Take photos of the vibrant flowers that grow abundantly in the island as well as the fresh fruits too.
I remember my parents talked about Hawaii all the time because as what my father had told us my great grandfather worked there. I don't know if he is a pineapple picker or some  crew in the ship but for the fact that my grandfather came to this island it's like questioning myself, do we have relatives there? Hawaii always give me a mystical and unique view. I came from a tropical country like Philippines and Hawaii is a tropical island too so I could tell that I would be very happy if one time me and hubby would go there for our yearly vacation. 

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bobbybegood1 said...

We only live once and if your heart beckons you -- GO! I have never been, but Hawaii is a beautiful island from pics I've seen. Cheers!!

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