Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking For Halloween Costumes

It has been two years since my last Halloween costume party and two of my friends are inviting me already. I am excited for the two invitations in fact I am going to the two parties. However, for some reason I cannot find a Sexy Halloween Costumes that fits to my personality. I do not like to go to a party that I see two or more people wearing the same costume like mine. That would be awful! I like to buy a Halloween costume that is unique looks original and has a touch of creativity.
This morning I woke up thinking a sexy costume for the Halloween party. I told hubby about it and he just smile because he knew I am determined to find one that I really like. Then I received a call from my granddaughter asking me to go with her at the mall this weekend. I asked her if she is looking something at the mall and she told me she is looking for something nice to wear this coming Halloween party. I was laughing when I heard it and I told her to come over and we are going to browse the internet for a cool Sexy Halloween Costumes.
We indeed find a site that has many Halloween costumes. In fact, I almost fell in love to all there costume that I have a hard time deciding what to buy. My grand daughter found her soon to be costume but asked me not to divulge it to anybody yet. Of course, I am not going to tell anyone not a single soul. For me, I have two costumes that I like the best and I am determine one of these costumes will be mine. 


jeanne said...

OK Kim, lets see some pics.Smile. I once was a sexy devil. HA! Have fun looking and it is smart to start early. Halloween parties are so much fun. Good luck with your search.

Hugs, Jeanne

mercedes scott said...

Halloween is getting earlier and earlier each year! Can't believe you are already shopping for costumes! wow! How about a 1940's pin=up girl? I like the sexy devil idea too :) sexy witch... sexy nurse... have fun!

bobbybegood1 said...

So funny. I was just talking to my landlord yesterday about Halloween. She doesn't celebrate. But I told her that I would stay downstairs and give out candy should the chillins decide to dare come up to the porch. Great holiday. Have a wonderful time. And, don't eat too much candy. Cheers!!

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