Thursday, August 4, 2011

Be aware

Growing up we heard about people get sick but because we are young at that time we don't know nothing or if we do it's not clear to our thinking. Now that I am already in my mid 40's I am conscious not to over indulge on anything that I take. Like for example any kind of food that is too sweet or too salty but you know what it's hard to do it. More specially if we are with friends and the gathering is fun sometimes we forget that we have to not drink or eat this and that kind of food. I heard that one of the disease that we should prevent on not having is liver failure it would be a devastation if we get this illness. Is there anyway to get healed when you've got this failure I don't think so. Me and hubby thankfully is not a kind of people that a little of aches and pains we take medicine right away. We always first take rest then take a lot of fluid because sometimes our lack of water in our system is one of the cause that we got dizzy and then we diagnosed it as another kind of sickness that for the fact it's only dehydration lol!! Just be aware that anything we over indulge there is always a consequence of it. ^_^

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LV said...

You are correct that we all need to drink more water especially in this heat wave we are having. I try, but never drink as much as I should. I honestly do not even want it. I have to force myself to drink what little I do. Food has never been a problem for me.

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