Monday, July 18, 2011

Nursing uniforms catalog

Two months ago I went to a medical school to inquire about bill coding course. After I fill in my information in there website I got a call from them. That's how quick they are huh!! So they put me in an appointment the next two days and when I was there I was received very well. 
The admission in charged interviewed me and also I had a short test. Then she lead me to looked around the premises of the school. After we looking around we were back at her office and then reality comes in the financial aid lol! Because that is really what I want to know about the finances and how much is the tuition for 10 months. So she told me that I would go to another lady who is the in-charged of financial aid. I was not able to talked to her that day but came back the next day because they asked me for more requirements to bring. Anyway, I found out that I would not be granted for a financial aid because I already had a degree. It is only given to the high school graduate per se. Rather, they gave me another kind of financial aid which for me is basically a loan which made me think until now. If I would get this kind of loan then I would have to pay these institution nine years and so therefore I had to work my butt for nine years to pay for this loan. I was a bit frustrated when I learned that this is the only kind of financial aid that they could gave because I was already looking at a nursing uniforms catalog online because one of the requirements is that you should wear a scrub in going to school. And in fact I am so ready to drive to school every morning but then it didn' t have a good result. But I do still praying and thinking about getting that course. Next year I should have to come up with something that would pursue me in another career. Right now I am looking at the website of because I really dream of wearing this soon!

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EG Wow said...

Sounds like you have a lot to consider and think about, Kim. Best of luck in coming to a decision!

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