Sunday, July 17, 2011

I was at Journey concert

I am not a concert person but if an artist or singer is my favorite I would definitely love to go and enjoy the show. Few years ago, a friend of mine invited us friends to watched a  concert of Journey. Way back the lead singer of this band is an American and now it's a Filipino. I was so excited to know that a fellow Filipino is the lead singer of this famous band and so she asked me if I love to go I didn't hesitate to joined with them. It was my first time to be in this huge concert place which is not  that far from my place. While inside the concert venue I saw the crowd slowly getting packed. I guess it was the event coordinator and the cops itself put a stanchions or velvet rope where we had to lined up in going to our respective seats. Since our tickets are not cheap and our seats  are already reserved for us ^_^  we had to go to another line and the  barricades that was put by the event coordinator are sturdy that you would know if people would crashed to get in that line. As far as I could remember we are in the VIP line and in fact we had dinner there too!! The one thing that also amazes me is that the crowd control people are very relaxed and not in panicked to man the crowd which minute by minute is getting packed. This is what I like here in the US because no matter what you would enjoy the show and you would not think that the money that you spend is worth nothing because you enjoyed it. For now I am looking forward to see my favorite singer this coming August and hopefully I could get a seat that's close to the stage hehe!!

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