Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why not try

Hubby just meet this guy whose job is cutting trees. He is a very good guy and he is been divorced for almost 13 years now. For the past years he is only into dating women that he meets in the bar and as always it indeed up not good. When he knew that hubby and I meet online he was so amazed by our story. We told him that their are a lot of Online Dating Sites but it's good to know who has the best sites among all. I also suggested to him that locally their is a Matchmaking Services that we could find. It made him very excited but of course we told him to be careful and we are going to help him too find a good woman. Last night I find this site Meet Singles Online and I suggested and told hubby that I think his friends need a single woman this time and hubby didn't hesitate to call him and told him my suggestion. For now we are crossing our fingers that he could find the right woman for him, he is a good guy he deserve to have a good woman.  


kat said...

Can I apply? toink hehehe.

TY sa visit Kim...ang ganda ng pic mo sa old barn...mukhang super tahimik.

OO nga eh! graveh ang face ni Margarito na asawa daw ni Margarita nyahahaha ginawang punching bag ni Pacman... kasalanan yon ng referre, di nya pinatigil ang laro kahit hirap na si Margarito.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

My sister met her husband on a dating site, too. They've been married about a year and a half.

I hope your friend finds someone good for him. My daughter has had some bad relationships with guys she's met in bars, too. She needs to get some things in order in her life, and take her depression medications before she tries to have a serious relationship.

haisley said...

Ms. Kim..Filipina po kayo?
Thanks for visiting my sites...mkikisali nga ko sa online dating hahaha.....Ingat po

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