Monday, November 15, 2010

Coupons and codes

It's a beautiful Monday morning. As I always do every time I get up from bed I immediately go outside and take a fresh air. That's when I found out that the sun is up and the air is cold but bearable. For the past two days we haven't seen the shining sun and it's kind of depressing. But I was not too depressed at all because I was doing online shopping hehe. I  was so happy to find out Harry and David coupon codes online. A friend of mine poke me the other day to checked it out. So I did and voila I found out that they had all what we need. The Harry and David Gift Baskets and Harry and David coupons have it all too. So while browsing the three sites I got hooked hahaha because all the items that I wanted to buy for gifts had coupons and codes!! How cools is that! So I thought why not grab the opportunity and I can't believe how much I save by using the coupons and codes listed on the three website. So friends check it out!!

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Oakland Daily Photo said...

Agree that H & D offers fun gifts to send. But more than anything wanted to comment on how lovely your banner photo is.

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