Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LCD tv

Have you ever been a fanatic of tv shows? Or any reality tv shows? Me, I do! Lost just had their finale last Sunday and I was kind of sad of the ending. I was misty eyed over the ending and it was performed by the lead actor really really good. Hubby had put in our guest room  where my computer desk is located a 22 inch lcd tv. Yup just recently he did it that is why when I wanted to watch my favorite tv shows I would not go to our living room or our bedroom to watch it. One good thing to have a 22 inch lcd tv in a room it's convenient, a space is not a problem because you can put it in any kind of table. Mine I put it in front of my treadmill so when I watch a show I can do walking with my treadmill, how good is that huh! 

1 comment:

Serline said...

Great invention for modern day convenience, but maybe it's just me, sometimes I still find the picture and colors on a good old CRT TV to be superior.

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