Friday, March 12, 2010

Save energy

Spring is fast approaching and sooner I will bid goodbye to Winter. Spring for me is cleaning time it's when I had to put in the bin all my winter clothes. The heavy coat will be covered again with the plastic and scrubbing the tile floor is what I gonna do for days. Experiencing the wonders of four season is beautiful but sometimes it takes time and effort to change from one season to another lol. 
Anyhow, I am waiting for Spring and Summer to come  because it is the time when I can do my Energy saving. Yup, I am a person who is very concern about our home energy and that I see to it that hubby will cooperate with me. One thing that I so love to do is drying our clothes outside. By that our home appliances like the dryer can take a good rest for the whole two season. It's been working for us the whole Winter and Fall and I knew that drying clothes takes a lot of electricity and if I can save with the dryer alone I can save a lot of money too. 
Normally, when it's Summer everybody will open their home appliances  like air-conditioner, but then again not me! I usually open our windows to let the fresh cool air came in the house and by that as I've said I can save money. There are so many things to save money if only people are so willing to do it.


CC said...

I so agree with you about drying clothes outdoors..not only do you save money..the clothes smell so fresh and good..,and I love opening all the windows to let in the fresh air. It's my favorite times of the year..

Arti said...

Its summer in India!I Dont use the Ac unless required
And i totally agree with your views on energy saving!

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