Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting healthy

I am almost in the middle of my 40's  now and I am cautious about my health. You see at the age of 50 my father died with hypertension and my mother died at the age of 63 with diabetics. So right now I tried to keep myself healthy but with a very sedentary life here in US it seems so hard to do it. I've been trying to eat healthy and exercise at least every day and thankfully my blood pressure is not that high and my blood sugar is fair. But there is one thing that I do like to have to monitor my self and that is Bodygem with this machine it will monitor my metabolic rate at the comfort of our home! How cool is that huh!
Anyhow,  this morning hubby and I were talking about us adult comparing the children's metabolism. For us adults it takes almost forever to get rid of fats and we easily gather all those toxic and fatty things inside our body but not with the kids I guess because they play and move a lot. My friend enrolled in our local gym and she says that the gym just got a new machine and it is called Medgem and Futrex. She says that it is really good that the owner take time to purchase these two machine's because it takes a lot of difference for them customers specially that these machine monitors their metabolic rate and analyze their body composition too. Right now, outside is sunny that is why I am going to take a walk after I am done watching the movie. Health is wealth guys!

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