Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bee

Well I have heard that most of the plants sold in all major retail stores is 53% (tested) positive for bee-killing NEONICOTINOIDS. As before you buy for sure the sales woman/man will just give you a black face they don't right? They even don't know that it affects their health if they are expose on these chemicals for long. So then I realize I should buy my flowers at the farmers market they are cheaper and I think they don't have Monsanto in their plants. We bloggers love our bees and flowers right so it is about time we have to know what we plant poor bees I do not know about this. Took this photo at the Lavender Festival here in MI. Learn mor and download a beautiful poster for free: 

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1 comment:

Hannah said...

That is scary, I guess Monsanto wants us all very sick and hungry too. I am appalled our government lets them get away with it. I like to grow my own plants from seed, sometimes companies even sell treated seed. I'm glad to see lots of bees still in my yard.

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