Monday, March 4, 2013

Denver Commercial Photographer

I like taking photos so when hubby gave me a dslr camera I was very happy. It is been three or four years that I own a dslr camera but I am still learning a lot. I did not go to a school for photography or take photography courses in college but I often look at the photos of those professional photographers. I do not have fancy and expensive lenses though I have two other lenses but it is not that expensive unlike others. Therefore, since I do not enroll to any photography course I browse around internet, find tips from professional photographers, and take a note of what they are saying. For many years that I have been taking photos, I can see I am good at it. A friend of mine told me to focus on what kind of photography I like but I like to take photos in any kind that fancy my eyes. Along with my research for professional photographer’s tips and tricks, I also found Denver Commercial Photographer, which I know for the very first time. I did not know there is such thing as commercial photographer as I look at the site the photos is mightily beautiful it mesmerizes me. Every time I look at the photos it inspires me be good in my passion. A friend told me that if I follow my passion I would be doing well because she said I have an eye for beauty, which is true. One time I join a photography contest in our local library it was my first time to join a photo contest luckily I got the third prize it feels so cool. Since then I tried to focus my shots well, I learned the rules in photography, I learned different ways to photograph and the importance of light. Every time I feel sad I just grab my camera go somewhere and take photos it make me feel good inside my worries is gone. That is why instead of cooking when I am stress I would rather take photos outside it is more fun.

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