Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something To Try

      In our family my dad, brother and sister are the one who smokes.  I and my mother are not smoking so when they are inside the house my mom will tell them to go out the house. Thankfully, they do respect my mom but as what I learn the second hand smoke is more adopted to get sick. Here in Michigan the law of smoking changes just few years ago. Before, inside the restaurant they have a certain place the smokers can smoke but now they don’t do it anymore. The whole restaurant is a non smoking area and it does give a relief to all non smokers. The one thing that for me is not quite good when I inhale a smoke is that my eyes get watery and I started to cough. That will lead me to be sick I do not know why but it does happen to me. So when the law passed I am happy. One time I attended a photography seminar as I was walking down the lobby I know somebody was smoking I could smell it. Right away I feel tired and when I get to the room where the seminar is held I feel dizzy. Thankfully, inside the room the air does not smell so I feel happy about it. I can’t understand why some smokers do not use electronic cigarettes since it is already available anywhere. I read the electronic cigarette review online and it amazes me because for one thing it does not emit smoke and there is no smell from it. What away to be with a smoker then if all of the smokers are going to use electronic cigarettes I bet everyone will be happy.

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