Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Health is Wealth

     Health is wealth as the adage says. I grow up in the Philippines and coming here in the US is a huge adjustment for me. When I was in the Philippines, I rarely get sick but when I came here in the US the weather is different most especially I live here in Michigan when in winter, we have snow and it takes six months for that kind of weather. So from time to time I get sick, have coughs and colds not too serious. In any age we should not get sick, it is not fun. Last few days ago, I look around the internet looking for a healthy juice and found out Nopalea juice. I found out at their website that they are giving free 32 oz bottle of Nopalea, a wellness drink that can help the body relieve pain and reduce swelling in joints and it can improve breathing too. When you grow older like me, I like the natural stuff the better way for me to take. I told my friend about what I discover, they are very interested, and hoping they call the number-1-800-206-0086 for a free bottle of Nopalea juice. We all need to be healthy because health is wealth.


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