Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Try Mulled Wine

     Have you ever had mulled wine? I was browsing the internet looking for a great mulled wine recipe. I found the site of Chef Adam Gray. As I was reading the ingredients and procedure, I cannot believe it was easy to make. I thought wine like these takes time to make and so hard to find ingredients. I was happy to find this recipe because Christmas season is here. I have three parties to attend and all of these parties are potluck. I thought of making the drinks not just ordinary drinks but something that they could tell everyone that it was good. Therefore, for days I have been searching high and low for good recipe until I found mulled wine
     As I was browsing the site, I impress of some recipes that chef Adam Gray is cooking. I had a great time looking at it and imagining if I can make it this Christmas. However, one thing for sure the mulled wine recipe is in one of my list for Christmas is special. I also like to make a good impression to my hubby and family. Hubby likes a good wine recipe. Then on the last week of December is our wedding anniversary I will prepare mulled wine recipe again to impress hubby for sure he would love it.  

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