Friday, December 14, 2012


     This is the time of the year when every body is busy shopping, wrapping gifts and so on. Yesterday, I asked hubby if we are going to have a Christmas dinner and he told me it would be nice to have one this year. For several years now after church on Christmas Eve, we go to his son’s house and on Christmas day, we go to his daughter’s place. This year I feel like cooking and that is why I asked him if he likes to have dinner this time. What happened to me now is that I am looking for recipes online. If what I like will follow, I would choose to cook Filipino foods but since my visitors are American I have to cook American food. One thing that came to my mind is homity pie and fortunately, I found a homity pie recipe online. I read the instructions it seems like easy to make and the ingredients are not hard to find. One thing is solve is the dessert and have look for more recipes so I could make my hubby happy. 

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