Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eleven 2

I was watching a show last night about hotels makeover. I am impressed on how people could change the place in just four days. I found out that a single detail could change the whole aura of the place. At the end of the show, the host says something about putting the business in the internet making them having their own domain. Few years ago, I started in just one blog six years after that I have six blogs. All of them had its own domain and I am so glad of what I did. Next year I am going to renew my subscription and I am looking for some discounts or sales on new domain. I was searching the other day for discounts and promo codes and found out eleven2 coupon ; eleven2 coupon code and eleven2 promo code are sites to consider. I look at each other  and I am amaze on how much I can save for my six blogs. I told my step-daughter who is into blogging to get her own domain and these is the right time for her to get one. For 25% discount is already fine enough for me to get this next year.

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