Saturday, November 17, 2012

Plant Care

     I love to plant and I love trees. Here in the US I am happy that trees surrounded our house. My hubby’s family lives in this property for quite a time and the oak trees, maple and other trees are huge and in fall, they are beautiful!  In the Philippines, I could only dream that our house is close to trees but we live in the city since I was born and living in the city is not a good deal for me who loves to plant and love trees. So coming here in the US change a lot I told my hubby that each year I should plant at least one or two fruit bearing trees and I did. I have three peaches, two cherries but my pears died of some disease. This year it broke my heart the blossoms of my trees frozen because of the late froze. I do not have a single fruit this year compare to last year. Then one time a friend of ours mowed our lawn and guess what happen he damage two of my trees I was mad. I told hubby not to let him do the mowing I do not want him to harm my trees. I believe in plant health care.  I believe that if you take care of your plants they will give back to you much goodness for us. Nonetheless, I am excited for the coming spring and hoping no more late froze.

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Helene Titsch said...

Sending good positive thoughts your way for a fruitful year!

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