Friday, September 28, 2012

Wire Organizer

Autumn is here and soon winter will be here too. Today and tomorrow, I set myself to do the general cleaning. The weather outside is nice it feels like spring I can open the window and do my cleaning open air. I came to our office nook and what I found are jumble of cords from two monitors, one computer, modem and router, the standing lampshade, the copying machine my gush I could not tell which wire to where!  I thought to myself a wire organizer is necessary in this place and it should be color so hubby and I know from what machine the wire came from. It is hard to clean up when what you see is already a chaotic space. That is why organizing is necessary in everything we do. In addition, I need to organize this place as soon as possible. Good thing we do not have kids in the house or else it is not safe. For now, I have to continue doing my general cleaning and going to try to find a good wire organizer at the store, ciao!

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ZielonaMila said...

I am sending greetings and I am waiting for next interesting stories.

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