Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend Reflection

These photos I took when I was in the Philippines last May 2012. These is one project of the local government to preserved the rural bay area. They plant more trees along the sea shore for the fish to lay there eggs and to avoid sand or soil erosion. They do this for years and as I visited this place the last time I see the progress. Great job done!

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kulasa said...

happy at seeing such a great local government project....lovely photos as that second shot so much! I am a fan of your awesome photography :-)

barbara l. hale said...

Always wonderful to see progress like this! Nice!!


It's beautiful...I like reading how some make so much progress with such a great idea to 'save land and erosion'...helping wildlife too.

Also, love your Michigan sunset photos below.

'Tsuki said...

I was surprise when you told that you took those picture in 2012 : it look way older... I guess it an effect of the light. The second one is awesome !

icedgurl trek said...

visiting your blog!


i love philippines!!!

Anonymous said...

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