Friday, September 21, 2012


Fall is here and summer is over! We see around us the change of color to some trees and soon we see the fall colors around us. Hubby and I are thinking of going south to spend our fall and winter season down south. I think he is done with too much snow and too cold that he likes a new and more comfortable climate. Here in Michigan almost all the people that I know who take off in fall and winter goes to Florida. One reason that hubby wants to see in Florida are the aquariums. Even in Georgia he likes to go to that huge aquarium because we always talk about how these beautiful fish and other species survive under water and away from there natural habitat. 
Today as I was browsing the internet, I see an aquarium history. It fascinates me how it started and how they try to make all the things to put under water looks like almost the same. As we, all know there are many species in the oceans that are in danger of any kind of brutality. We see so many are butcher by heartless people and some do not bother to give a second glance. Before I thought putting some fish and other ocean creatures are not okay but knowing that many people do care for them that is why huge aquariums are build today in any where of the world. One time we were at Florida and saw there underwater aquarium and saw these many penguins. My smile is from ear to ear I was so happy to see them. I see the interior decoration just look like what they have from where they came from and I think they are more happy to be there than in there place since they are expose to people who would harm them. For me an aquarium habitat creation is one way of saying that we people do care. 

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