Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My 3 Postcards

    This year I joined Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap hosted by Kat Sloma After my first post card came three more postcards came to my mailbox and like a little kid I can't contain my joy. This is the first time that I received postcards and mind you they all came from talented artist all over the world! I am so glad I join this year post cards swap and looking forward next year!

This came from Lee Flint. She wrote "wishing you blue and gold days add creativity in abundance".
Her website is www.seabluelens.wordpress.com

This is from Carolyn Jane. She had an Etsy shop if you can drop by you click it HERE. She said "this is a piece of my handmade felt called "Ghost Trees" inspired by a spiney of silver birch trees.

This came from Lynn Bishop it is so pretty!
I am still looking forward to see two more postcards I can't wait! Hope next time you all could join us!


bobbybegood1 said...

They are stunning. Great works of art. Enjoy. Cheers!!

barbara l. hale said...

Great idea! You have some beauties there!!

Asrar said...

very beautifull

Leovi said...

Precious photos.

Tara Denny said...

HI Kim! I just got your postcard today, the one of the Holland Tulips. WOW! So beautiful. I love the coloring and processing. I plan to visit Holland next year, so i hope I get something half as pretty.
Thanks so much for the beautiful card, I plan to blog about them when I get my fifth one, if you care to check it out, it'll be at http://taradennyimages.com

Have a wonderful day!

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