Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Love Your Dog

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Just arrived from a long trip and I am kind of very sleepy and tired. It has been 20 long hours flight and I appreciate that finally I arrived safely. At the airport, I meet Filipinas who loved animals particularly dogs. One Filipina told me about what happened to her dog and she came to a point that she still teary eyed talking about the loss of her dog. Same as me when I had my first dog I loved her to death that when she was gone I felt bad. Some people may think that it is weird but dog or any animal’s needs attention and loved and they tend to reciprocate that feeling too.
As we share our experienced to one another, I asked her what kind of dog food she feeds to her dogs. She told me as usual she bought it from the pet store. She claim she only buy the best dog food ever. However, I told her that there is such thing as Homemade dog food. She could not believe at first. Like me, I am hesitant to believe it but when I saw the video and the recipe here Easy cooked dog food recipe, I become a believer. What we spend so much money for our beloved dog but it is not good for them. There is nothing healthy in that dog food we purchase somewhere. I know that homemade dog food is the best because we made it for them. I like you all to click the name highlighted and watch the video you will know how important to feel a healthy food to your love dog.

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kulasa said...

we have several dogs and we consider them family, wow! "homemade dog food" that is great..the kids will surely be happy for our dogs...

Anonymous said...

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