Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hubby Made Me a Garden

As of this time, I am enjoying my one-month vacation here in the Philippines. However, even if hubby is thousand miles away from me we keep on communicating almost every day. He does not like to check his Facebook or emails but I told him to check on it because it is where I put many of my photos. Last mother’s day hubby found a site selling flowers post cheap flowers from Serenata. I checked the site immediately and I loved what I saw. The flowers are arranged beautifully and they are cheap I told hubby when I get back to Michigan I expect to have flowers waiting for me and that should be our favorite flower a pink rose! Men did not know that flowers made women smile. It is not only jewelry that it makes us smile but also flowers. Men should also know that not all-online flower shops are expensive. Like Serenata there, flowers are very affordable. 
Last night hubby called me telling me that my garden is ready in fact; he already planted some of my favorite vegetables. I am so happy hubby made a garden for me this year I cannot wait to get home. I was checking last night on this site about gardening. Knowing the pros and cons, the zoning of your place, the kind of vegetables or plants that I have to plant is very important on getting a good produce. Right now, I am excited to see my garden in bloom. Do you have a garden too?

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