Friday, May 4, 2012

American Flag

I remember when I came here in the US for the very first time I saw US flags everywhere. I was touched to what I saw. I felt that Americans do show how patriotic they are by putting American flags in front of their house and commercial buildings that in some countries we do not see like these. One time it was Memorial Day and my first time to go with hubby. We were at a cemetery and I see so many American flags. Somebody did find a time to put all the flags big and small all over the place. It is very touching moment as we hear the voices of people recalling how they missed there loved ones. Moreover, the slow swift of air touches the American flags as it sway with splendor and might.
I became an American citizen three years ago and before we take our oath, they gave us a small American flag. I was very proud of my small flag when I get home I display it in our living room. Do you have American flags at home? I think we should do have it may it be small or big. This time I am thinking of buying a car flags to give to my relatives and friends. For sure many do love to display it on there cars too. 

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