Friday, April 20, 2012

To Write

How many of us receive letters from our friends. In this time and generation, it is very rare now days that a friend sends postcard or letters to you. Unlike, twenty years ago, letters is famous and I remember in my time I cannot wait to see the mail carrier reaches to our house. It exudes a lot of good feeling when we receive letters much so if the content of the letter is from the person who loves you.
These days we are used to texting, emailing or writing message to social networks wall. Because it is encrypt so much I do not understand any of the word, there is no personal effect on it. I told my nephew and nieces not to send me words that I do not understand. Do not forget write properly. What is taught in the school should be the one they have to practice even if there friends are using words that are unknown in the dictionary somehow they got use to it and forgot the proper way of writing.
My cousin told me she is in school for a Master degree in nursing. I am very happy for her I know she will double her time in order to keep up on her being a wife, mother, and a career woman.  Our parents have taught us that Education is very important. It is the only thing that nobody could get it away from you. Therefore, growing up we study hard and we even compete to some of our cousins. She told me taking Master degree has a lot of writing to do and she is very thankful that a professional writing services is helping her. To buy research papers is one thing she is contemplating to do if the topic is conduit to her subject. I told her she can do it and it would be better to do it. Anyway, she can add some to the research papers or take some if she feels not in her favor. I am hoping she would continue reaching her goal and I am happy for her. 

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