Thursday, April 26, 2012

Architectural Design

Last month hubby and I went to Texas to visit relatives. It was my first time to visit San Antonio, Texas and I tell you what my hubby’s relatives there has huge house. It is not just an ordinary huge house but it was design well. All the nooks and crannies have its purpose not some other houses it looks huge from the outside but inside it is hallow but not in those houses that I have seen so far.
I remember when I was in high school instead of taking cooking and cosmetology I took drafting. It is in that subject in high school I learn that if you build a house you should hire an architect to design it. I thought a civil engineer is fine because they can also make plans but they are very different. Architectural Designer in Fort Lauderdale is one of the excellent designers in the country today. I only found there name while browsing the internet. I can only imagine how it feels when you seat down with an architect and talk about your dream home. That would be very exciting because that is what architects do. They get what you want and like in your house. How to put together your dream home is there number one priority and they are there to help us all the way from beginning to finish. 
Have you seen houses now days that lacks design? I feel it is very commercialize because it has nothing to it. My hubby’s relatives houses are so beautiful I can live there ha-ha. While there we talk about how many years, it takes them to finish the house because from time to time they have to change something. What I learn is that it took two years to finish it. I was stunned when I heard it I cannot wait that long if it is my house. If given a chance I would love to have another house that has my choice of design. It would be exciting if an Architect could figure out what is in my mind. In addition, how cool it is when you see the result of your dream. How cool it is if you see that your dream house is there in front of you ready to be live in by you. Somehow, dreams could come true and would not stop dreaming. 

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