Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fever

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IMG_8371.jpg   Spring has sprung and it so happen that my birthday falls on spring season as well as Easter and Mothers day. It would be one week from tomorrow is my birthday and hubby asks me what I like to do or want for my birthday. If this scenario happens my brain goes blank, I do not know why. However, today I remember that last year my hubby’s gifts for Mothers day are two pots of Lilacs. That now I am enjoying the blossoms and excited to see the blossoms become flowers. These time I am attracted to potted bulbs and why is that. Well because I want to have a window makeover. We have one window that is humongous and it looks dry no life at all. I was still in my bed when I thought of doing a window makeover and put potted bulbs on the hanging planters. For now I am juggling to what potted bulbs I will put because I have to make three window planters. I just planted the red sentinel and I see plants sprouting but it is not enough. I am the kind of person who loves colors especially natural colors that comes from flowers. 
     Looking back before I first came here in the US I, bought flowers that does not grow back the next year. I bought a lot of them but later I know that there are a flower that grows back and one of it are potted bulbs. After I have the knowledge of the two things to remember in buying plants every fall when garden nurseries, grocery stores or home stores are, selling there flowers for more than 75% that is when I bought a lot of them and plant it right away. I love flowers it brings joy in my heart. 
     Then at church school, we had a project for kids. Every year we teach them to plant potted bulbs for Easter and the other day many kids were happy their plants are growing. We do hope that it will bloom flowers this Easter. I am always excited to see kids get excited over simple things and at the same time, we teach them to love gardening and plants. By the way, there are plenty of potted bulbs available in your local nursery, grocery stores, garden centers and flower shops. When you buy potted bulbs do the mix and match, it does look good in the container when it blooms. Happy planting everyone!
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Really like the wood panels of that table top !

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