Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Booth

Two years ago, my hubby’s son got married to his lifelong girlfriend. After the wedding we immediately went to the reception area, the place was packed, and the decorations are great. After a short talk from the brides house cleaner and the groom man the eating began. There was a long line going to the food area I notice that on the other corner teenagers is having fun. I got curious I ask one of the guest what is in there she told me it is a Photobooth.  I have not been to any wedding that has a photo booth that was my first. While eating I cannot help but fix my eyes to the area where people start to form a line. After hubby and finish eating, I ask him to fall on line for a picture taking and I so love it very much because when I had the photos it is all very pretty. It was a very good remembrance for that wedding and for me it is a very good party idea.
Talking about party ideas, my birthday is coming and I am thinking of having a photo booth. Why I am thinking of this is because in the month of April in our family and relatives there are more than five of us who are celebrating birthday in that month. In addition, having to get a one huge birthday party is awesome and adding the photo booth it would be a lot of fun I know the guest and my family will have a blast. The other day I was talking to my cousin and thinking about party ideas is also time consuming as well as mind boggling. I realize why people would hire a party coordinator because for me it is not easy. In our planning we are still in the stage of what party gimmick we are going to have the food and the place and how many people are invited we have not discuss about it yet. Though our family members are simple and down to earth people we also like to have a good fun and like that they all enjoy the day we all born in April love to give. 

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LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Sounds like a fun idea, we have a lot of Spring birthdays in our family also.:)

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