Monday, February 13, 2012

Furniture to choose from

Have you been to a church that their furniture is very elegant looking? Last week hubby and I went to a church whose pastor is my hubby’s nephew. I am impressed when we were inside because the church chairs and all there church furniture are very chic and elegant looking. As my hubby’s nephew showed us the church, the function hall and the office my thoughts are with all the nice stuff. I do love good stuff and I could tell what is nice and what is not too nice looking. All the time I keep thinking if the stuff is expensive. It was until we were having lunch that I asked my hubby’s nephew about there furniture. I told him that I am impressed and that I thought it might be very expensive but he told me it is not. He says when churchgoers multiply they had to find enough church seating for everybody to be comfortable. However, they cannot give them a very cheap or not so good furniture so they look all over the internet until they found what they feel is right for their budget. When the furniture arrived, they were happy and until then it is their best investment so far. I told him they were lucky to find one that is strong and good-looking furniture and he says what they do is just to look and everything came perfectly.

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labbie1 said...

Isn't it great how things work out?

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