Friday, February 3, 2012

Abacos In Bahamas

I live here in Michigan and as we; all know winter season is what we are experiencing right now. Day after day, it is bitterly cold hubby and I often talk about going south for a break. Last week I felt on what we call cabin fever. The first time I came here, I do not know that word but now I could literally tell what it is. I felt depress not to see the sun because the sky is gloomy and dark. The temperature is below freezing point, I cannot do anything just hibernating inside the house, and somehow if it takes two or three months I do not feel good already. 
The other day we found out that, a bunch of my hubby’s kids with their spouses goes down south for a change. However, hubby told me it is getting cold their too and we just laugh. Then he told me about his experienced years ago when him and his three daughters went for a cruise. One of their lay over is Bahamas and he found that place beautiful and it was more than ten years ago. I told him with that span of years Bahamas is excessively different now. Moreover, he says of course it is! In addition, a thought came to his mind and he told me what if we are going to Bahamas for a vacation. I was very excited of the idea I told him I am ready. Therefore, we go online and we found Abacos. Abacos is in Bahamas and when we look at their properties, we were stunned it is way beyond beautiful. Everything is well developed the houses are very pretty all are located close to the beach. Hubby said something he wish we could own one property there but he also said it is better to visit there first and I agree to that idea too. Mind you there is a College In The Bahamas which when I look at it, it is run by a Baptist Community. After hubby and I explore the site of Abacos, he is certain to visit and have a vacation there someday. We were excited to see this place in person and soon we will be there. 

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